Rave Reviews for Flying Tea Gourd! Product Review: Flying Tea Gourd 16 oz. Travel Tea Infuser Bottle

“…This mug retains heat better than the mug I currently use daily, so I think this might be my new best friend…”

….The mesh on the brew basket is really fine and I can’t imagine any leaf getting through it, even if you were brewing something really small.”

flying tea gourd review

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Ideal for on the go coffee drinkers.

By Joe on August 29, 2015

“I received a flying tea gourd as a thoughtful gift from my neighbor. Being that I’m on the go all the time the gourd is a practical product to have as it fits perfectly into my car cup holder, and it is constructed from insulated double walled stainless steel which holds up well if dropped or banged against a counter. The gourd is great for coffee despite it was created for tea. I’ll french press in the morning around 7am, get to work by 8am, and by 2pm my coffee is still warm because gourd is like a thermos. The metal screen inside the gourd also filters out any loose grounds that may still be in the brewed coffee. My mother is a tea drinker and so I’m buying her one today and I’m sure she will like it.”


I am amazed by the quality of Flying Tea Gourd Travel Tea …

By Anonymous on August 17, 2015

“I am amazed by the quality of Flying Tea Gourd Travel Tea Infuser bottle. Its a very durable strong bottle unlike some of the cheap ones out there. It has a stainless steel screen that works perfectly instead of cheap plastic ones. I tested it with boiling hot water and it stayed extremely hot for a very long time. Also you couldn’t even tell there was hot water in it as the bottle itself wasn’t not hot on the outside. I also tested it with cold ice cube water. I came back 2 hours later and the ice cubes were still in it not melted. One of the best travel insulated bottles. Would buy again.”


beautiful design, easy to brew, steep, and travel with

 By Amazon Customer on August 15, 2015

“As a daily loose leaf tea drinker, I was intrigued by the design of this travel bottle. I usually use a tea strainer and pour separately into a cup, or place loose leaf tea into individual bags that I purchase separately. I usually don’t mind this, but it is definitely more time consuming than simply throwing tea into the tea bottle, and sipping away! What I like about the Flying Tea Gourd is that there is virtually no preparation involved.”

There are two ways to prepare the tea with the Flying Tea Gourd:

1) place 1 serving (1-2 spoons worth) into the bottle, and pour in hot water. Then, secure the tea basket in place and place the lid on. Allow to steep for 5-10 minutes, and sip away! This is by far the easiest method.
Surprisingly, there were virtually no particles that escape through the filter into my mouth. I don’t usually mind this, as its part of drinking loose leaf tea – but I know that this is a draw back for certain users.

2) Fill the tea bottle with hot water (to the brim of the bottle), then place the tea basket securely inside the bottle. Next, place 1 serving of loose leaf tea in the basket (this time on TOP of the strainer). Again, steep 5-10 minutes. After that, you will need to remove the tea filter and discard the leaves – leaving you with only the tea and no particles.

Again – I prefer method 1 because it is faster, and also I like to refill my tea bottle and continue sipping the tea (though diluted) throughout the day.

The bottle claims to keep beverages hot for 8 hours and cold for 12. After a week of use, I am confident that the bottle can keep beverages cold for much more than 12 hours…



 By janine on August 30, 2015

“Amazing product it took it to work and it stayed hot for over 10 hours! No spills or leaks. I highly recommend this”